Bipolar View of Business Development

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Bipolar View of Business Development

Business Development Defined:

Business development is the process of incorporating a number of techniques and responsibilities, which aim to attract new customers and penetrate existing markets. This includes everything from incorporation, business strategy, planning, projections, marketing, advertising, lead generation and fulfillment. Business development is for companies just starting as well as seasoned organizations.

Although at times, the business development process will address every element of an organization, typically business development focuses on either a company’s “Value Stream” or “Commodities.”


Value Stream Definition:

Often referred to as the “Supply Chain,” the value steam for a business is the end-to-end milestones that drive to deliver a product or service to the customer. The process steps throughout the value stream may include, purchasing, planning, production, manufacturing, quality control and logistics.  Throughout the value stream there are key points of product, service and information flow that can be analyzed for improvement in the overall chain.  Value stream mapping is a common lean manufacturing technique that aims to analyze the supply chain efficiency and eliminated non-value added steps or procedures.  The idea is that by removing these elements from the value steam, it will help minimize costs, increase throughput, decrease turn times and improve time to market.


Supply Chain Consulting:

Specialists in the world of supply chain consulting utilize “Six Sigma” and “Lean Principles” to diagnose symptoms of a poor performing supply chain and make suggestions for improvement that will allow the business to run more efficiently. Often, a more efficient supply chain will result in reduced costs that improve bottom line profits.  Utilizing a supply chain professional allows the business to focus on their core competency and will also help identify what the core competency truly is. The benefit to the business is that they can focus on performing that company’s chief revenue earning practice, rather than spend time trying to improve the underlying processes.


Business Commodities:

Business commodities for this discussion, are all aspects of the business outside of the value stream and/or core competency of the business. For many businesses, the commodities are as follows…

  • Human Resources / Payroll
  • Marketing / Advertising Implementation
  • Legal & Administrative
  • Finance / Accounting
  • Information Technology


These business elements fall outside of the primary revenue source for most businesses and a majority of small to mid-sized business outsource all of these elements completely. For many small businesses, sales and marketing is an afterthought, yet thousands of ad agencies are consistently attempting to sell spots to them. How does the business know what type of ad campaign to run without a proper upfront strategy? Legal is another area that is commonly skimmed over because of the tremendous cost of 3rd party attorneys. For many small businesses, Finance / Accounting is another lightly visited area, and many small business owners are oblivious to their cost structure including basic concepts such as the business “break even” point. Information Technology tends to be either highly under or over utilized for small to midsized businesses. What good is a high priced E-Commerce web site without the proper marketing to let consumers know that it exists?


Commodity Consulting:

There are thousands of companies today that aim to sell various tertiary elements to the business owner but very few that truly align with the business in order to drive its overall success. Total Merchant Network is the first business development company that truly views the business as a client and not as the next sale. By aligning itself with the top providers for each commodity, Total Merchant Network gives the small business owner access to strategy development and pricing structures that typically only large corporations are afforded. Additional benefits including the following…

  • Frees the business owner up to focus on core competency
  • Give the business owner one point of contact for all commodities
  • Out of the box thinking and an outsider’s positive perspective
  • Access to cutting edge products and services
  • A sounding board for changes to business processes or providers


Total Merchant Network brings a unique approach to the realm of business development. Rather you are a business owner looking for supply chain expertise or a total business overhaul, Total Merchant Network can help determine the right course of action. Click Here and fill out the contact form for more information and to schedule a no-obligation preliminary business needs analysis.

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