Point of Sale Hardware – Basics

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POS hardware can vary widely depending on the given application it can be as simple as an iPad and as complex as a fully integrated dedicated touch screen terminal with accompanying cash drawer and receipt printer.  While it is important that the hardware is reliable, durable and up to date it pales in comparison to the importance of the software that runs the POS system.  (For more information on POS Software be sure to read the article on Point of Sale Hardware.)  Given that the hardware take a back seat, it is still important the quality components are used.

Basic Components of a modern Electronic POS System:

  • Touchscreen Display
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Scales and Pole Displays
  • Receipt Printers
  • Debit/Credit Card Reader
  • Cash Drawer
  • Computer / Monitor / Peripherals
  • Cabling, Routers, Switches

These are just basic components and the point of sale software is not limited to this.  There may also be less than the list above, with a basic setup only consisting of only a touch screen terminal or tablet device.

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