Point of Sale (POS) Reviews

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Point of Sale (POS) Reviews

What is the Best POS Solution?

Many small business owners ask “What is the best point of sale system?”  This largely depends on the type of business and the scope of transactions.

The first determining factor that an owner must look at is the industry that their company competes in.  There is a large difference in the type of POS needed for the following industries…

  • Hospitality: (Restaurants, Nightclubs, Quick Service, Fast Casual, Take-Out Food, Hotels)
  • Retail: (Grocery, Convenience Stores, Clothing, Boutique, Shops, Consumer Goods)
  • Mobile: (Home Delivery, Contractors, Repair, Technicians, Painters, Plumbers)
  • Online: (eCommerce)

For the most part, the need for point of sale is the most critical in hospitality (restaurants) and retail due to the need to track inventory and multiple customers simultaneously.  Mobile merchant typically have custom needs and online merchants can typically handle their needs with a robust shopping cart software solution.

When it comes to the basic local merchant there are a few standout software solutions that are the best.  We highlight and review these two solutions, Dinerware for restaurants and Cash Register Express  for retail, in detail at BestPOSSystem.com our partner educational site.  These two solutions were picked not based solely on amount of features but a combination of price, functionality, features and ease of use.

For more details be sure to check out Best POS System

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