What is a Point of Sale System?

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What is a Point of Sale System?

A common question that new business owners ask is, “What is a point of sale system?”  More accurately business owners want to know how a POS system can help improve commerce for their business.  There are many benefits from a transactional and financial standpoint that new or existing business owners should know.  This is specifically true for retail and hospitality businesses where tracking inventory and multiple customers simultaneously is critical for operations.

For a basic overview of what a point of sale system is and the three (3) most common configurations be sure to check out our Point of Sale page.

For a more in-depth look at restaurant and retail POS along with a look at POS hardware and software check out our series of posts starting below.


What is a POS System?

DinerwarePOS is an acronym for Point of Sale and is often used interchangeably with the term Point of Purchase (POP) or checkout.  However typically when the term POS or Point of Sale is used the user is referring to the hardware and / or software configuration used at the place of commerce.

While historically this was the only option, even today it is common to see a basic manual cash register.   However with the advent of bank cards and credit card processing, the need for electronic components such as a credit / debit card terminal became necessary.  This has led to the development of fully integrated Point of Sale configuration or ePOS setups which today can be anything from a full computer station to an iPAD and custom app.

Point of Sale configurations vary widely depending on the application.  What is used in a restaurant or retail environment can be very different than what is needed for mobile or online merchants.  While the basics are the same, the specific requirements of the merchant can change the solutions drastically.

For more information on the different type of point of sale configurations use one of the following links to navigate directly to a POS specific page.

POS defined and basic modern configurations – Point of Sale Overview

Advanced and integrated solutions – Dedicated Point of Sale Systems

For more specific information about point of sale in both a restaurant and retail environment as well as hardware and software applications use the links below.  You will also find consumer friendly information on this site including “How to Choose the Right POS” and top brands among other topics.


Point of Sale Further Defined (Click Link Below)

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