About Our Company

Total Merchant Network (a TFN Company), is a national solutions provider for professionals and business of all sizes.Focusing on the most critical elements of commerce, Total Merchant Network has partnered with the industry leaders in accepting payments, tracking financial data and technology integration.  While other solutions are are also necessary, Total Merchant Network has identified these core areas as the most important elements for success in the information age.

Founded in 2010, as the arm of TFN that would handle the business commodities that drive commerce, Total Merchant Network has flourished into a full service provider.  Although not required, Total Merchant Network’s suite of services are designed to work hand in hand with the service provided by Total Marketing Network.  Total Merchant Network provides the commerce backbone while Total Marketing Network provides the community muscle that drives exposure and awareness to consumers for their clients.

In order to provide 24 hour support, impeccable service and 100% up-time, Total Merchant Network has partnered with industry giants First Data and Trapp Online to power payment processing and clouded solutions respectively.  Accepting electronic payments and maintaining access to financial data are so critical that those key partners were brought on to not only provide support but also to integrate directly into Total Merchant Network’s process.  Both First Data and Trapp Online have invested millions of dollars and hundreds of man hours to develop the technology integration designed to drive business of all sizes.  Not only does this integration improve efficiency but it also lowers both hard and soft costs for Total Merchant Network’s customers.

For those merchants who need a more complicated solution implemented, Total Merchant Network offers consulting services that are aimed at solving these problems.  Rather it by the exercise of Value Stream Mapping the entire business or streamlining one particular process, Total Merchant Network’s founders have over a decade of combined experience in developing complex and integrated solutions.  Total Merchant Network prides it self in its strong core knowledge of information technology, business development and value (supply) network philosophy.