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Accepting payments, tracking financial data and technology integration are the critical areas we have identified and created solutions surrounding. While the education is here, the heavy lifting in these departments are done by industry giants such as First Data and Trapp Online. When a TFN customer sources these commodities with TFN partners as opposed to the bank or Microsoft, they are allowing TFN to be tied to the company’s success. When it comes to marketing the business and developing community, the more revenue TFN can help the business generate the greater the compensation by the partners back to TFN specifically in the realm of payment processing. This is the core element to the TFN model, when a client processes with TFN and First Data (at the same or lower cost than the competitor) TFN is now directly incentivized to help grow the client’s business.

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Payment Processing

-Credit Card Processing

-Debit Card Processing

-ACH/Check Processing

-Check Processing Solutions

-Recurring Billing


Clouded Solutions

-Cloud Accounting

-Application Hosting

-Website Hosting


Technology Integration

-Point of Sale

-Payment Gateways

-Phone & Tablet Apps


Consulting Services

-Process Mapping

-eCommerce Integration

-IT Services


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