IT Services

IT Services

Does this picture look familiar?  Is the productivity in your business slowed down by ineffective or inefficient IT design?  Regardless of how long a business has used a technology or how ingrained it is in the subculture / processes, it is still possible to make switch to a better more productive design.

But How Much Does It Cost?

It is true that new hardware and software can be very expensive, not to mention the time required retraining employees and redesigning processes.  The real question is not what will it cost me to implement this new technology, but what will it cost me NOT to implement this new technology?

The time and hassle saved itself may justify the cost, however also consider the opportunity to now spend time generating more revenue for the business or the lowered ongoing cost from more efficient operations.  The idea of how much an apparent IT solution will cost monetarily now should always be weighed to the perceived opportunity cost (or loss) of implementing the solution later or not at all.  An appropriate payback period should also always be considered with any investment.

Specific IT Services

In this sense we are referring to business information technology that drives commerce and includes but is not limited to the following list.

  • Billing Interface (Accept Cards, Check, ACH?)
  • Card Processing Interface (POS, Virtual, etc.)
  • Accounting Software (Remote or Local)
  • Application Hosting (What apps drive business?)
  • General Hosting (Server onsite vs offsite, website, etc.)
  • Email (includes business email and framework)

In addition there is an entire subsection of IT (telecom) that could be grouped under commerce.  For our purposes we will not discuss telecom as Total Merchant Network does not currently actively promote or support any particular product or service within this category.


The Total Merchant Network Difference

By hiring Total Merchant Network as a service provider you will be automatically enlisting the help of professionals who have spent years working with information technology.  This includes both direct work (programming, networking, server configuration, etc) and indirect support (troubleshooting, diagnostics, etc.) of application of varying size and scope.  There is a certain amount of IT service baked into every product or service we implement however for general IT support we also offer favorable standalone rates.  Contact us for more information about how we can help streamline your IT.  If you simply have a general question please first refer to our FAQs before contacting us.
Contact Total Merchant Network today for a free 30min preliminary needs analysis to help determine the right solution for your business.  Call us at 503.862.8541 or Click Here.