How to Choose the Right POS Software

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It’s clear that Point of Sale software is essential to just about all businesses, large or little. Whatever your financial allowance is, it’s mandatory that you find a reliable POS software program that suits your requirements.  In America popular software suites include Micros and Aloha however they can be expensive.  More affordable solutions such as Harbortouch or Sage Light may not provide the robust features your business needs.  Here are a few pointers to consider while searching for the correct POS software solution.   1. Equipment Compatibility The software program solution package should be compatible with the latest hardware available for sale including touch screen displays, terminals, thermal printers, charge card swipers, paperless personal pads, wireless bar code stock scanners and other standard peripherals.  There are many convenient hardware add-ons that accelerate checkout and enhance the overall customer experience.  It is important that the software you pick is compatible with a wide range of hardware and devices.   2. Easy User Interface The interface ought to be intuitive as well as user-friendly. It ought to be designed so that brand new users may pick this up and get accustomed to it quick without a lot hassle. Many POS systems and software programs have really counter-intuitive as well as complicated user-interfaces, which can cause problems and slow down customer service time.  Easy user interface is especially essential for new employee training. Imagine needing to intensively teach every brand new staff member a complicated and cumbersome system.  A simple user interface eliminates the manpower and time wasted on this step.   3. PCI Conformity Compliance with PCI (Payment Card Industry) standard implies that the software program can link seamlessly together with your selected merchant account securely.  This means the added security necessary to secure the actual cardholders’ information and data. PCI compliance is also an essential security requirement that each business which processes credit and debit cards are forced to follow.   4. Compatibility With 3rd Party Plugins and Apps Whatever software program bundle you purchase should be suitable for other 3rd party plugins such as online ordering, social media and accounting software programs.  It should be able to work effortlessly with software program like Quickbooks and other major developers.  Depending on your business type online ordering or eCommerce may be a critical part of your business.  Be sure the POS you buy integrates your brick and mortar operations with your online ones.  Marketing and social media apps have become very popular in the recent decade.  Integration with loyalty program where customers can interact with your business effortlessly is important from a community based marketing approach.   On top of these basic concerns you need to ensure that the seller or reseller themselves is versed in the latest point of sale technologies and techniques.  Avoid opting for non-local service providers who cannot correctly support the software once installed.  Many sellers will offer the service on a purchase or rental basis.  Basically you need to ask is the POS package offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or will you need to pay the onetime charge?  Can you lease the software through the provider?  Do they have a trial period in which you can return the product should it not meet your needs? Ask the seller or reseller to supply testimonials associated with customers utilizing their restaurant or retail point of sale systems. Ensure a sufficient product demo or trial period to check if the POS will work with your given application. The couple of points provided above as well as your own company analysis should offer a sufficient insight and help you make a better POS...

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