Top 3 Best Independent Sales Organizations (ISO’s)

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Be sure to check out our video on this post for a full explanation on how to evaluate the best merchant services companies.


1.) First Data Indpendent Sales (FDIS)

FDIS By working with a FDIS office or independent agent, merchants are able to leverage the pricing and technology of the massive First Data Corporation and still get the personal touch of an independent organization. In addition the size of First Data allows for faster approval for a wider variety of merchants.

  • Competitive Pricing / Flexible Agreements
  • Compatibility With Most Platforms (Hardware & Software)
  • Fast Approval For Most Merchants

In addition, most FDIS offices are incentivized to maintain clients over the long haul thus high-touch, customer service is a focused priority.


2.) PayPros (Payment Processing Incorporated)

PayPros PayPros is a wholesale ISO located in San Jose, California with a technology focus. PayPros specializes in unique technology and integrates with many proprietary retail and restaurant software systems. The pricing is competitive for most merchants. Approval for high risk and online merchants can be cumbersome.

  • Unique Technology Platforms and Solutions
  • Fair Pricing (Competitive in Most Business Sectors)
  • Focuses on Low Risk and Retail Merchants

PayPros is very flexible with merchants and gives latitude to their sales representatives to make exceptions on pricing and other terms.


3.) Merchant Warehouse

Merchant Warehouse One of the largest and most prominent providers online, Merchant Warehouse has not only the longevity but the diversity to service any merchant. The a large array of products and unique customer focused programs, Merchant Warehouse had been an innovator in the industry since its inception.

If you are interested in getting a Merchant Warehouse credit card processing account you can Request A Quote online.

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