Application Hosting

application hosting

Application hosting is a broad category used to define any business application that is hosted in a cloud or off-site server environment as opposed to at the physical location of the business.  Traditionally, businesses would have to build and maintain infrastructure to run on location applications, however given recent the advancements in technology, businesses can now host even custom applications in a clouded environment which enables them to lower their cost, enjoy seamless upgrades in functionality and more easily integrate with parallel solutions.


Popular Applications to Host Off-Site

  • Website Hosting

  • Email Server

  • Accounting Hosting (Cloud Accounting)

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

  • Customer Recurring Billing Modules

  • Payment Processing (Payment Gateways)

  • SQL Databases

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software



Although there are dozens of benefits to hosting in the cloud and utilizing a 3rd party application hosting provider, the four most common as identified by business owners are as follows.

1. Reduce Cost
2. Save Time
3. Improve Flexibility
4. Better Protect Data


Reduce Cost – For the businesses that do not currently have hardware one of the obvious reasons for hosting with an application hosting provider is to avoid the thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in upfront costs necessary to procure, configure and install a full-time server.  In addition the IT costs of maintenance is often much more on with a local solution due to the fact that providers can roll IT costs across more customers and thus the end price for hosting only reflects of fraction of that cost.  Also for maximum security and protection a server typically would need to be located in a data center, a cost that most businesses would prefer to avoid.

Save Time – One of the big time savers gained by utilizing a provider is avoiding program updates, software installing, service packs and other maintenance issues.  The other obvious time saver is in the learning curve and ramp up time needed to setup, install and configure the server

Improve Flexibility – The added flexibility of being able to access the business applications from any device that can connect to internet provides in many cases both a time and money saver.  This also creates potential positive business situations or opportunities that would not have existed otherwise.

Better Protect Data – Safety and Security of data becomes one of the key components when choosing a professional application hosting provider.  The piece of mind and solace from knowing that your business data is secure in the event of a disaster goes beyond simply saving time and money.  World class hosting providers utilize redundant systems, nightly backups and off-site storage to ensure application up-time, security and sanctity of data.


Custom Application Hosting

For those businesses that have custom developed application or specific business needs, custom application hosting can be utilized.  In some cases this may be as simple as setting up shared access to a document center or database with an internet portal or as complicated as a clean slate virtual server setup.


Dedicated or Virtual Server

For some businesses, a dedicated or virtual server will be necessary for massive bandwidth requirements or special custom needs.  This could be as simple as a business that needs a server with multiple IPs for various websites driven from a marketing standpoint, are as complex as the business that needs various applications hosted that demand high server capacity.


The Total Merchant Network Advantage

Currently utilizing two dedicated servers and various cloud solutions, Total Merchant Network understands first hand the criticality of systems that must operate flawlessly, every time.  In addition, Total Merchant Network has helped hundreds of businesses design and implement application hosting solutions of all shapes and sizes.


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