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Introduction to Value Chain Networking

Posted by on Jun 1, 2014 in Blog, Business Development, Supply Chain Management | 0 comments

This article is an excerpt from the Total Financial Network (TFN) white paper by Christopher Vincent titled Value Chain Networking.  Download the entire white paper in pdf format HERE. The ever changing pace of today’s consumer market coupled with the transparency of technology and media, present a variety of challenges for all businesses. Start-up and existing small businesses may lack the structure and resources available to enact change whereas mid-sized and larger organizations may lack the flexibility to implement change within their culture. What becomes evident is that an ever evolving methodology of conducting business both internal to the company and external is required for success. As the saying goes, much like a tomato, a company is either ripening or rotting. For many businesses, an emphasis on more loosely collected / pooled resources or an emphasis on partnerships / alliances tends to be the trend as opposed to traditional vertical aligned, ridged and hierarchical designed organizations. This “networked business” or affiliate approach allows smaller organizations to utilize the assets of the collective whole while still maintaining the agility of a niche company. This can be seen most predominately in, subcontracted and resold products / services as well as the outsourcing of business commodities. Within this new, emerging and loosely defined approach, how do businesses formalize and intentionally pursue putting this framework together? How can owners and managers measure their success and their utilization of the tangible and intangible resources that are the most valuable to their business? The activity of Value Chain Networking (VCN) aims to answer these questions among others and offer a business strategy for implementation. Continue to Part 1: Value Chain Networking...

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