Mobile Credit Card Processing

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Mobile Credit Card Processing

What is the Best Mobile Payment Solution?

With the rapid development and wide spread use of smartphones over the last 5 years, mobile payment processing has found a new platform for expansion. Previously if you wanted to take payments on the go or if you were a full time mobile business such as a contractor, plumber, painter or trade show merchant; you were pretty much limited to an expensive and bulky wireless terminal along with additional wireless transaction fees.

Enter the smartphones, mobile payment apps and card reader/printer peripherals. iPhone and Android phones coupled with a solid payment app have pretty much made the traditional wireless terminal extinct. Here are a few reasons why mobile phones are better.

  • No need for an additional piece of equipment
  • No need for separate merchant account
  • No additional wireless processing fees
  • Hardware does not go out of date
  • Connectivity through existing phone ports or Bluetooth
  • Interface is sleek and becoming more recognizable to customers

Now that we understand the benefits of utilizing your mobile phone over a traditional wireless terminal, the next questions should be, “What is the best mobile credit card processing solution?” A better way to phrase it, is, “What is the best platform that will give me the most options for processing and hardware integration?”

While Square and Intuit mobile processing solutions have become widely popular in the last few years, they are not the best fit for every business. This is especially true for companies that process more than $3,000 per month in debt/credit cards.

For those looking for solutions that not only give the business owner merchant account options but also hardware compatibility check out our review of the three (3) best solutions at the link below.

Check out our review of the Best Mobile Credit Card Processing


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