Secure Online Accounting Explained

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Secure Online Accounting Explained

Secure Online Accounting Defined

Secure online accounting, which is often referred to, as cloud accounting is a service that removes site level bookkeeping from personal computers and hosts it securely online. This creates protected accounting information, allows for multiple-user access and gives bookkeepers, accountants and financial professionals more efficient access to business financials in real time.

Some of the ways in which online accounting mitigates data loss risk is by keeping sensitive information securely hosted off site and backed up in multiple ways regularly. Examples of how online accounting removes the risk of data loss include the following:

  • Eliminates loss of data due to computer malfunction and tampering
  • Removes the risk of data loss due to on-site disaster or theft
  • Creates redundancy by data being hosted in more than one location
  • Adds security of daily and weekly backups to multiple sources

Cloud accounting also provides an ease of functionality and convenience for the business owner in several ways, including:

  • Full access to accounting information in any location at any time
  • Full access for bookkeepers from any location
  • Real-time accounting updates for the business and bookkeeper
  • Multiple-user access affords the ability to instantaneously review client data and update books
  • Removes the hassle of file exchange between business owners and financial professionals

Cloud accounting is a no-brainer for any business but is often not thought of during business development. It is an easy low cost solution that every business owner needs but is overlooked frequently. It is an easy fix for those who spend countless hours at the end of year and at tax time consolidating financial information when it could be avoided with some simple planning and implementation of a virtual accounting program. Wouldn’t it be better to spend minutes throughout the year, instead of hours or even days at the end of the fiscal year? Cloud accounting also integrates seamlessly with POS systems and credit card processing allowing the business to eliminate non-value added man-hours manually importing and exporting data.

If you are interested in exploring this business solution further follow the link below for a free trial.

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