Value Chain Networking Summary

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This article is an excerpt from the Total Financial Network (TFN) white paper by Christopher Vincent titled Value Chain Networking.  Download the entire white paper in pdf format HERE.

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Value Chain Networking (VCN) is the concept of not only honing in on one company’s core value, but continuing to develop it among the other companies in the industry.  It is the activity of creating a Value Network via business networking that includes suppliers, service providers, competitors and even customers.

In a broader sense VCN is the continual development of a community, with the core mission of providing value to the marketplace and in a grander scheme, the world.  Companies that engage intentionally in this activity and utilize the technology of today will benefit not only from market position but also from an enhancement in company capabilities.

Company ability is the key, as market position and competitive advantages are temporary.  Sustainability and ultimately profitability for a company is not achieved by locking-in market position but rather by continuing to build upon its capabilities, core value-add and its relationships.

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